Tina Erwin and I are partners in several ventures and one is the creation of these videos that are designed to help you understand the unseen world around you. The more we know, the more we can take our power back, make educated decisions, and learn to trust our intuition as our most powerful ally.


What Happens When I Die?

Watch this wonderful video elegantly explain what happens when we die.


The Crossing Over Prayer

We hope you will use this prayer to help any soul cross over into the light.

The Compassion Prayer for Suicide

Use this compassionate prayer if someone you know and love has taken their own life. It is extremely effective.


The Compassion Prayer for Murder

This compassionate prayer can help you and your loved one who was taken from you. Help them to find the light of the Heaven World.

Psychic Children: My Child Sees Ghosts

This video is very near to us since it was Laura's psychic children who brought us together.

Use This information

Ghosts are souls who are stuck between dimensions and they can, and do, haunt us. Many times it is not to be malicious, they simply are looking for help.