The Life You Planned

That is great your kid is a star athlete, straight A student and good looking. My kid talks to dead people, is exhausted, and chronically late for school.”  This was the note I had written for a PTA icebreaker and recently found that inspired this blog and here is the story that goes with it.

As we go through life, we have plans and visions as to what our life will be like. Looking into the future, we make goals and plans. But along the way, karma may tap us on the shoulder to redirect us. Or, if we are not paying attention, karma may clobber us over the head with a cosmic 2X4.

What does that mean?

It means I kept thinking I needed to be teaching in a classroom. I knew from very early on that I was going to be a teacher. My entire life I never wavered from that thought. I graduated with a master’s in education and had an amazing teaching career at the middle school level for years. I loved every moment of my teaching career and I was good at it. I got married and we had 3 daughters and I stopped teaching with the intention of returning when the youngest was 5. Later, I kept trying to re-enter the teaching profession. But that never really happened. At the time I was not sure why these roadblocks kept popping up.

Then our lives were turned upside down.

One day, my husband and I woke up with one of our daughters being incredibly psychic. The weeks, months, and years to follow put me on a completely different karmic path. One that I could have never anticipated. A path that, at first, felt inconceivable and downright illogical. Instead of re-entering the teaching world, I found myself a student. A student of metaphysics because I was in the fight of my life: fighting for my family’s soul. Fighting these dark beings that wanted to diminish this bright light in my child. I studied. I sought out help. I fought and protected my family in ways that I did not know existed. Had I have been teaching full-time, I could not have done these things. I would not have been able to have learned how to protect my family. I would not have been able to follow my current karmic path.

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