The Karma of Suicide

This is a blog I wrote for my other website, The Karmic Path.

This is Suicide Awareness month. At some point, we are all impacted by the death of a suicide. This form of death is especially painful for the survivors. We begin to question the ‘would haves, could haves, and should haves’ that might have prevented this death. Then the universal emotion of guilt seeps in and it becomes a constant shadow, a chilling enemy for the living.

However, a common theme of what we have learned from talking to many dead who committed suicide over the years is, they felt there was no way out and they did not want to share their pain with others. The questions that beg to be asked are: What can we do with this knowledge? How can we use it to help others? What is the karma of all of this? Does this karma have to be negative or are there positive karmic elements?

In this podcast, we go over comments and questions that our listeners (sometimes they are not kind thoughts!) have had on this subject over the years.

These are a few of the questions and comments we address:

  •      God gave us this body. When you kill yourself, do you go to hell because you destroyed what God gave you?
  •      Someone committed suicide and that person is still with me. How can that be?
  •      My abuser committed suicide and I do not want to have him crossed over. He does not deserve to go to Heaven.
  •      Can suicide be contagious? I have 3 members in my family who committed suicide.

Click here to listen to this insightful show, The Karma of Suicide.

When someone commits suicide, we can still help them by offering the healing and compassion they could not feel in their mortal life. We do this by assisting them in death. To learn how you can help the dead, please visit:

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