The Karmic Path Courses

Mystery Schools, in ancient times, taught spiritual truths. Our courses offer a revival of this precious knowledge in a format that is contemporary, easy to understand and convenient.

My personal experiences led me to realize that there is a lot of dangerous misinformation out there when it comes to understanding the paranormal. There is so much to learn and know in the 'unseen world'. It can be wonderful and dangerous. I hear many times of people referring to 'spirit'. This term is too vague and open-ended. For example, if we were to go to the zoo and I told you, "Look over there! Look at that mammal!" How would you know if I was talking about lions, giraffes, meerkats, or anything in between? When we use the term 'spirit' it could mean many things, a heavenly angel, a ghost needing help, or a dark entity. ONLY when you truly know who or what you are dealing with can you make educated decisions.

I have teamed up with Tina Erwin and together, we are offering courses to help you take your power back when it comes to the paranormal and the normal! We would be honored to have you check them out.

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