My Story:

Why I do what I do

Our then 6 year old daughter ran screaming in fear into our bedroom every night trying to get us to understand the ghosts who were terrorizing her.

I was exhausted all the time. Sleep became a distant memory.

Every day, our child’s psychic ability grew in ways I could not begin to describe. How can she see through walls and doors? How can she be talking to ghosts all the time? Why do they harass her at night so horribly?

How can a ghost physically put these cut marks on my daughter’s back? Can ghosts attack people?

What am I supposed to do about this? How do I get it to stop?

This terrifying experience changed my life. What my family and I went through is the stuff horror movies are made from. How do I protect my child and family from these things that most people cannot see or do not even believe exist?

We were a normal family doing normal things. My husband is a business consultant, and at the time, I was a public school teacher. We have 3 daughters. We spent our weekends going to their karate tournaments, soccer games, basketball games. You get the idea, we had a normal middle class American life. Then everything changed.

One day our daughter told me Grandpa Russ was here. But Grandpa Russ died the previous year. My skin began to crawl. I asked her what she meant. She told me that he is staying with us to protect us.

My God, I missed my dad! But reality set in: what did this mean? Is he a ghost? Did he cross over and is now coming back? Was this how the dead do vacations? How does this work? But before I could even form these questions, a new nightmare unfolded.

We became a character filled “ghost superhighway,” and they all wanted to talk to my daughter. A mass murderer showed up, and then his murder victims came to tell their story and look for justice. A child who was abducted, raped and killed came for help: she wanted my daughter to tell her mom she loved her. There were Jewish concentration camp victims and their Nazi murderers. The list went on and on. Can you imagine the emotional toll this took on my then 6 year old daughter and our family?

As a parent of a psychic child, I felt blind and helpless. I could not see or hear what she was experiencing. My intuition was screaming that I had to figure this out to save my family’s soul. I spent almost 2 years searching for the right help. I knew I needed a psychic to help me with things, but I also needed that psychic to help me understand this unseen world. Eventually my abilities did return. A major part of this understanding is an education in karma and spiritual law. 

Eventually I did find the help I needed, but I kissed a lot of psychic frogs before I found Tina Erwin. With her help our house of horrors ended.  We have become business partners and friends with a mission. There are many other families out there who have similar issues and it is our goal to help anyone who may need assistance~ for both the living and the dead.

Tina and I teamed up to publish books and to share spiritual experiences and guidance with others. We began The Karmic Path radio hour, podcast show, and website: We also developed, a powerful site designed to teach the living to help the dead. You can learn more about Tina at

The Karmic Path Radio Show

I host a live weekly radio show, called The Karmic Path, with my co-host Tina Erwin. Here we discuss a variety of topics, covering the paranormal and karma. I would love to have you check it out! You can also WATCH us live on Facebook every Thursday at 4 pm PST HERE.

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